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Memorable Night of Celebration - Night Without a Bed 2023

The 10th Annual Night Without a Bed took place on the evening of October 21, 2023. The theme of this event was "Dream Big". Attendees experienced an evening of heart-warming stories and heart-lifting music reminding them of why supporting Family Promise of Skagit Valley is so important to individual families and our community. A video was shown featuring two former guests who are starting to "dream big" again because of the healing that took place in our housing. They shared how their lives have been changed by Family Promise of Skagit Valley because of your support.

Dr. Miriam Mickelson shared her own story growing up in poverty in the Philippines. She shared how she had fallen down a narrow well shaft as a young girl helping her mother with the laundry. Her mother climbed down the shaft as far as she could go to somehow try to rescue her daughter. She extending her leg down and Miriam was able to grab ahold of the "lifeline" and they were able to climb back up together.

You, Family Promise supporters, are that lifeline for the 699 families who have been served over the years since 2015. You are the hand reaching out through dark times in our guests' lives that makes them feel loved and supported, that helps them heal from life’s injuries, and that allows them to begin to dream of a future again.

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