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Impact Campaign

 Since Family Promise opened its doors in 2015, we have provided services to homeless and housing insecure families in Skagit County.  That service extends to the community as a whole through the creation of opportunities for volunteers, donors, and community members of all ages and backgrounds to engage in working with homeless families with children.


We also recognize that with the growth and need in our community, we must find ways to grow our permanent roots and maintain a level of stability that will best serve the families we work with. Times are changing and the cost to serve is rising. We have and will continue to be a low-cost model shelter  We are seeking ways to partner with others in Skagit County to find and perhaps create low-cost housing.


It is also a huge part of our vision to be a Training and Healing Center. Homelessness and trauma do not end when housing is found. Even for families who have experienced situational homelessness for shorter periods, the traumatic after effects can last for years and disrupt family structures creating new cycles of poverty. With our extreme shortage of housing, families are homeless for longer stints of time.  We have seen a high level of success from all of our clients when they engage in both life skills and sustainable living classes. The group experience and one-on-one engagement with trained community mentors have proven to be one of the most healing and enjoyable experiences. Families that fully engage in this program experience healing and support long after they graduate. 


Our goal through our Impact Campaign is to stabilize the housing that we can offer to our clients through the purchase of housing a property on which to build housing and to increase our capacity to serve our clients with training and healing services.


The Need

Over 1,000 Homeless Children

Skagit County has over 750 school aged homeless children.  When you factor in children too young for school, this number jumps to well over 1,000.

Lack of Housing

As of 2022, Skagit County had the lowest vacancy rate in the entire state at 0.4%. 

Lack of Healing Services

To lessen the impact of the trauma of homelessness on families, wholistic healing services are essential.  When we can offer healing services to our guests, it not only impacts them right now, but reduces the likely hood of generational traumas and poverty cycles.

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Phase 2
Purchase land and build housing
Total Cost: Undetemined (depends on type of housing to be built)

Purchase land

We have the opportunity to purchase land adjascent to our current shelter and administrative offices. Cost: $125,000 approximately

Build new housing

Working with the city and other community partners, we plan to build transitional housing on the purchased land.  Cost: starting at $750,000.

Agency Impact

Adding at least 6 new housing options for families close by our offices for conventient management.  Money from program fees will go toward toward maintenace, direct client services, case manager salaries and development of healing services.

Client Impact

More housing options, continued case managment, and option of training and healing services offered.

Phase 1
Purchase Transitional House
Total Cost: $641,200

Purchase Promise House

We have the opportunity to purchase one of the houses that we currently rent for transitional housing.  Cost: $560,400

Staffing - Maintenance

Hire maintenance/property manager to protect our investment and support growth.  Includes administrative oversight.  Cost: $30,400

Build Healing Gardens

The Promise House has land with it that will provide the space to build gardens with the support of WSU.  Cost: $5,000 - $15,000

Agency Impact

Money from program fees of $500 per family for 4 families can go toward maintenace, direct client services, and salaries instead of to rent.

Client Impact

Our capacity to serve more clients increases with the increase in funding.  The upkeep and maintenance of the home will also improve.  The Healing Gardens will provide opportunities for clients to grow nutritional food for their families while working together on the project.

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