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A Testimonial from past guests in Family Promise Skagit:

Katie & Robs Story

Family Promise came to our rescue right when we needed them most. We were staying in our car, homeless, trying to find shade, moving to different parking spots throughout the day to shield us from the summer sun. I was 6 months pregnant.

Being at Family Promise gave us a place to stay safe and stable during a difficult time in our lives. We were able to welcome our son Chace into the world without worrying about having our son live homeless in our car after he was born. He is 5 months old now and healthy as ever

Today as we move out of Family Promise, I think about all the milestones we reached and amazing memories made while in the program. My fiancé Rob found his job doing roofing while in the program. My son Chace was born while in the program. We celebrated Chace’s first Christmas while in the program.


We will be forever grateful for all the help we received from Family Promise during our stay. All the amazing volunteers and staff were always so kind and supportive during a very scary time in our lives and helped us find our way back on the right path.

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